Curtis founded Just Add Paint in 2005 after years of painting part time to help pay for college. (Ironic, when you think about it- so far, not one client has requested a copy of his college diploma….) He took the scenic route through school, involving stops at HACC, a semester abroad in the UK, and time at Lancaster’s own Millersville University. This last stop (finally) culminated in a Psychology degree. Along the way were stints working as a musician, a martial arts school owner / instructor, and work in the field of counseling, as well. Fortunately, the realization that he owed money for a degree he didn’t need for painting was offset by his enjoyment of working with young people with special needs during his several post-school years in his field! While he found this work quite rewarding, he soon realized that he wanted a hands on job, with less time behind a desk. And for this noble reason, Just Add Paint was born! During his rare moments off, Curtis can be found traveling, playing music with Manian and the Monumentals, taking his boat out on the river, and eating sushi.


Grant joined Just Add Paint in 2008, following a hugely fulfilling, but highly exhausting, career as a Counselor and Group Home Manager for adjudicated and multiply challenged young people. He loves almost every aspect of the painting process, which makes this the perfect job for him. In fact, he has achieved fame for being the only person we know of on this side of the Mississippi capable of removing wallpaper while not using swear words. Though recently realizing he has somehow become old, he still happily works 40-50 hours per week to help support his family, and to pay for the family mansion and a large collection of exotic cars. (Or is it a small house and an old Jeep and Nissan, plus some late medical bills?) Grant’s educational background included almost every topic he felt might keep him from having to work a full time job, ranging from Photography to Psychology. His family includes his beautiful wife Amber, and two beautiful daughters Madison and Riley, who fortunately got their looks from Mom! Grant’s photo schooling helps with his work as Just Add Paint Photographer, and his English degree helps him create web material and product reviews. His music background, (trumpet and piano,)  has failed to make him any money- but brings him joy when he sits in with the REAL pro musicians from Just Add Paint.  When not working, Grant can be found spending time with his Family. (On a hiking trail, or anywhere they can stare up at the stars together, whenever possible.)

ALEX “Volcano” RUNK

At just 26 years old, Alex is the baby of our group. We have all been proud of Alex, as we have watched him grow up right before our eyes. After taking on many challenges and handling each one in turn, Alex is embarking on a great journey forward with his amazing, beautiful, and dangerously brilliant daughter Olivia! Alex has many great qualities, but we appreciate his enthusiasm and sense of humor most of all. Even when facing a challenging task at work or at home, he keeps smiling, and helps keep us smiling and laughing as well.  Before joining us at Just Add Paint, Alex toured the country as the lead singer of the band, “An Early Ending.” His group scored a top 40 album  debut in their genre, just as the band was breaking up. (It was unfortunately an early ending, indeed….) When not painting, he can be found spending time with Olivia, who always puts a smile on his face. His other love continues to be writing and recording new music. We hope to see Alex back on the charts sometime soon! (But he still has to stay and paint with us either way- it is hidden in his contract. Sorry Alex….)

RICH “the Closer” WISE

Rich has fit in perfectly since the first day he worked with us! He was originally from Brighton, England, but has also lived in Portugal, and, until recently, Florida. After working with him for the past 3 years, and seeing both his excellent organizational skills and also his extraordinary work ethic, we consider him to be the very best product EVER imported from overseas. Rich is also a professional Sound Technician and Musician by trade. While living in Florida, he performed as a member of the House Band at Pleasure Island at Disney World Resorts in Orlando. (Good luck getting that gig, folks. We won’t even try.) He is currently playing in 472 different bands, 9 nights per week. These music projects include the Very Americans, (Whose single can be heard playing at Harrisburg Senators games,) and with Manian and the Monumentals, an acoustic project. Both of these groups draw a crowd, and play regularly in the Harrisburg area. When Rich isn’t playing or mixing a live music show, or helping the other members of Just Add Paint learn how to use manly power tools, he can be found spending time with his Family. They include Trish, his beautiful wife, and his wonderful children Becca and James. They love to travel together, see new things, and hike any trail they can find!


Our newest team member joined us just 6 short months ago. Already a seasoned professional, she has been the perfect addition to our team. In addition to bringing a wonderfully positive attitude to work with her each day, she also seems able to put up with our special blend of nonsense talk and general craziness. This unique blend of positivity and patience has made her an absolute KEEPER. (That, and the exceptional quality of her work.)  Her interests include Art, (yes, she does that kind of painting, too,) and haircutting. (That is art too, of course.) She also loves camping and hiking- another shared area of interest with her fellow Just Add Painters. When not painting, she can found spending time with her amazing children, Marisa and Elijah, preferably in the outdoors!


An original Just Add Painter, Ducky has left to follow his own “paint path.” We are often blessed with his return, however, for special projects which include murals, custom artwork, faux finishes, stripes, and any other project requiring a fast painter with a brilliant sense of humor. Duck has also toured the country as a professional musician with the group “Ducky and the Vintage.” He appeared on the #1 NBC show the Voice, and gave an amazing performance that made us all proud. His custom artwork can be seen at the Champ in Lemoyne, Fed Taphouse in Harrisburg, and the Sports Emporium in Carlisle. Currently enjoying an early retirement from music to spend time with his wonderful wife Amanda, Ducky can be found cooking barbeque,  watching old movies, and celebrating Halloween like no one else can!


Lauren has left the building and moved to Philly to start her own paint company, but she will ALWAYS have a spot in our hearts! As an original Just Add Painter, she is one of a kind. Good Luck Lauren and Leavy!!

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