Our Guarantee

Many companies offer 1 year warranties on their paint jobs, and Just Add paint is no exception. We try to do things our own way, however, rather than just doing what everyone else does. For that reason, we offer you our personal guarantee as part of our promise to you, as well.

If you are in ANY way dissatisfied with your Just Add Paint experience, you may chose one of the following services, to be provided by the crew member you found most annoying, or the crew member who displayed the lowest skill level during your project. (These services are, of course, also offered on a “fee only” basis even if you ARE satisfied with our work and professionalism!

Grant– If you are in any way dissatisfied with the service provided by team member Grant, he will offer one of the following to make amends. Full Re-Sharpening of up to 8 Kitchen knives, to a professional level of quality. One Free Piano lesson for you, your son, daughter, or other immediate family member. One free Family Portrait taken at the location of your choice, within 5 miles of your home.

Rich– One free Guitar Lesson for you, your son, daughter, or immediate family member, or one moonlight serenade, with backing vocals and instrumentation provided by other Just Add Paint members.

Curtis– One free Mixed Martial Arts lesson, including but not limited to bag work, glove work, or cardio conditioning, or one free Guitar Lesson for you, your son, daughter, or immediate family member.

Alex– Alex will provide a serenade for you, your daughter, son, or other immediate family member. Backing vocals and instrumentation may be provided by Curt, Grant, Rich, or any combination of the three, depending on scheduling.

Chan– Chan will provide one (SIZE SMALL) mixed media artwork, or one amazing haircut, including head shaving and intricate clipper / trimmer work.

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