“These guys are GREAT!!! Professional, courteous, and just pleasant people to have working in your home. They did an AMAZING job on the stairway. And while doing it, they even sounded as though they liked how the transformation was coming along. (NOT just another day on the job….) I highly recommend this group. In fact, I have more jobs for them lined up in the near future.”

– S. Hengst, Home Owner

“They are very professional and knowledgeable and I was impressed when Curtis showed up with the company van with a nice looking logo and his ipad to document all the details. They are such nice guys and immediately made me feel comfortable having them in my house (even the dog and the cat got special attention and loved having them as company).”

“I took Curtis around the house and talked to him about the other plans I have for the house and he gave me a few recommendations. In fact, I called one of the contractors he suggested and he’s replacing my windows this week.”

“The guys worked for a full day and a few hours the second day and the rooms look AMAZING! They worked very hard and did a thorough cleaning before leaving. I’m so happy with their work and I will have them paint the whole house next year. It’s such a relief and comfort to have someone you can trust and count on to do a good job and I will recommend them to all my friends.”

– M.N., Home Owner, Camp Hill PA

“The first thing you need to know is Curtis and his crew are not sitting at the Just Add Paint office waiting for your call…they are working hard to keep up with the demand! They are crazy busy because they are that good at what they do! Unfortunately, you will need to wait your turn! But when your number comes up, and it’s your turn to have your job done…the world stops and their focus is on you!”

“I’ve worked with Curtis before and couldn’t wait for him to add color to our new home. We have developed a good working relationship. I’m able to be flexible and don’t mind if I have a short notice or the job begins at the end of the week. I wasn’t as sure about colors this time and worked with their color specialist Lia…she gave me great advice about using the walls as the backdrop for our decor, instead of using the bold accent walls I’ve used in the past. When I got the call from Curtis to schedule the job, I was having a bit of color anxiety and wanted to tweak a few of the colors (those tiny paint chips are not always a good indicator of what you’re going to ultimately LOVE on the wall)! Curtis patiently provided suggestions and alternate shades, and the crew offered input until we nailed the colors! We love the end result! Check out Sherwin Williams Ivoire, Rice Grain, Nantucket, Silver Strand, Ancient Marble, and Sea Salt.”

“The bonus in working with these fellows…they bring with them a remarkable level of positive energy! They enjoy what they do, the teamwork and camaraderie is infectious. They are meticulous at their jobs with detail to prep work and crisp clean lines. They clean up the job site like it’s their home. I had a room that I hadn’t yet prepared for them, and I came home to discover they had taken care of that task for me and the first coat was on!
Thank you Curtis, Grant, Alex and Rich for a job well done! The only downside is that our house is painted for the time being, and we’ll be missing you!”

– V Williams, Home Owner

“These guys were fantastic. From a price perspective, they… were way more affordable than every other estimate that I’d gotten. They showed up on time, immediately got busy taping and putting down covers to protect the floors. I left for work and when I got home, everything was done, they’d cleaned up everything and things were beautiful. I received a call from Curtis part-way through the day because they noticed an area that should probably be painted (for consistency). It wasn’t something I’d even thought of having them paint, but I’m glad he called it out. I’m glad they thought above-and-beyond what I’d told them to do and made a suggestion (and it wasn’t something that benefited them or added to the price).

We’ve always been people who did do-it-yourself painting, but having a professional do it REALLY makes a noticeable difference.”

D. Wright, Home Owner

“Curtis promptly returned my call and came over the next day for an estimate. He was on time, courteous and very informative. He answered all my questions and gave me some suggestions, which i was happy to take. He ballparked an estimate on the spot and had emailed me his proposal with a cost breakdown within 2 days that was right on with his original estimate. Curt and Rich painted the cabinets white, they came out gorgeous!!! They’re both very personable, quick, clean and meticulous. Curt was very enthusiastic about the job and couldn’t wait to get started. I know they’re very busy, but he always returned emails or calls within a very reasonable timeframe. They went above and beyond the job requirements. Estimate was bang on, great price for work that was done. Their follow up is great. Would recommend and hire again with no reservations”

Kristen S., Homeowner

“Curtis, Grant, and Matt were simply awesome! We had a wonderful experience working with ‘Just Add Paint’ from start to finish. The color consultation was a key factor in the process, and gave us confidence in our choices before the work even began. We had our kitchen, hall, dining and living rooms painted, and the end result was stunning. They worked very efficiently throughout, and were an absolute joy to have in our home. We got exactly want we wanted at a very fair price. We would highly recommend ‘Just Add Paint’ to anyone looking for a professional paint service in the Greater Harrisburg area.”

Warren B, Home Owner

“The guys at Just Add Paint were wonderful to work with! We’ve used them for three separate projects. Most recently, they helped us choose colors that flowed perfectly throughout our entire open first floor. This project even included a paint change mid-project about which they sent me photos and texts while I was at work! These fellows are not just painters, they are artists! It is always a pleasure to work with them! We’ll definitely be back in touch in the coming years as we get ready to finish off the basement! :)”…

Becky W, Home Owner

“Just Add Paint is not simply a company; it is a tightly-knit team of truly awesome artists who operate at only the highest standards while maintaining a totally accessible, versatile approach. You show up to the job on time, eager to work your art, and you work like dogs to eke out every last detail, even in a heat index of 110 degrees! NO one complains. You have left with me a premium work of art that is not a run-of-the mill carbon copy of any other existing exterior residential look. My house is on and popping! There isn’t another company who can touch your team’s personality and integrity. Thank you so much for delivering “radical” and “fabulous” to a place that was in dire need of some rock ‘n’ roll magic!

Really, Curtis, you guys rock. Anything I can sincerely do for you, holler. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Anne H, Home Owner

“We hired Curtis back in April to paint our entire house interior. Curtis and his team did a fantastic job. They are very respectful, neat, and meticulous with their work. We hired Curtis again this month to restore and paint the outside of our double front doors, which were a peeling mess. They stripped, cleaned, stained and sealed the doors, which now look perfect. Curtis and his team take great pride in their work and the results show how much they care. We are very satisfied customers who would highly recommend “Just Add Paint” and will call them again for all of our future painting needs.”

Paul and Carol C, Home Owners

“Our Valleybrook estates condo sat for sale stagnant and was tired looking. Curtis and his team came in and did their magic, they created a new fresh feel hitting the bull’s-eye. They were definitely the tipping point! As soon as Curtis was packing up and before he could get out of the door, a buyer toured, loved the place and made us an offer we could not refuse. Realtors who saw it before and after Curtis’s complete makeover, indicated that they were overwhelmed with how much the painting improved the feel of the entire home”.

Kacey T, Home Owner

“Just Add Paint delivers quality services and are very professional. They’re ability to offer color choices and to envision the end product is on the mark.The end results are great looking walls, friendly delivery of service, and consistent follow up with their client during the entire job. I am really happy with all aspects of their service. Just Add Paint: You’ll never pick up a paint brush again.”

Tony, Home Owner

“Curtis and his crew did a wonderful job for us. They were on time, did great work, and cleaned up at the end of every day. Bill and I also really appreciated Lauren’s input and patience while coordinating colors with us. We had several different ideas and worked through them until we found the perfect match. We will never hire another painting company as long as Just Add Paint is around! We HIGHLY recommend using them.”

Bill & Janet, Home Owners

“There has been a Huge increase in demand for GREEN products over the last few years. Curtis and his team have been able to keep up with this demand by incorporating both Sherwin Williams Durations and Duron Genisis Odor-Free paints. These products are cost effective and maintain a high quality standard while taking the environment into consideration”.

Bob Kovanic, Sherwin Williams Rep

“I recommend Just Add Paint to anyone who needs painting done in any application. As a realtor, I am able to bring them in to get my properties cleaned up and turned over quickly in a cost effective manner. As a homeowner, I appreciate the detail, care, and workmanship they used while painting my residence. It was obvious from my first experience with them that they take great pride in their work, no matter how big or small the job is. Do yourself a favor and hire Just Add Paint!”

Jim Bedorf, Realtor, Homestead Group of Camp Hill

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